To cease from all evil,
To cultivate good,
To purify one's mind,
This is the teaching of all the Buddhas"
-Sankalpa Sutta

Purify your own mind
until no chance of defiling again,
no condition to be born again,
all pain out of the way,
only Nibbana to gain."
-Martin Barua

Purify your own mind
by means of generosity,
no attachment expecting,
detaching from all cravings,
acting with virtue,
developing mindfulness in breathing,
maintaining continuity by concentrating,
advancing in understanding."
-Martin Barua

Impermanent are all compounded things.
Strive your deliverance with mindfulness."
-The last words of the Buddha

I don't call one a brahman for being born of a mother or sprung from a womb.
He's called a 'bho-sayer' if he has anything at all.
But someone with nothing, who clings to no thing: he's what I call a brahman.
Dhammapada 396

One should not strike a brahman,
nor should the brahman
let loose with his anger.
Shame on a brahman's killer.
More shame on the brahman
whose anger's let loose.

He knows his former lives.
He sees heavens & states of woe,
has attained the ending of birth,
is a sage who has mastered full-knowing,
his mastery
totally mastered:
he's what I call
a brahman.

Like water on a lotus leaf,
a mustard seed on the tip of an awl,
he doesn't adhere to sensual pleasures:
he's what I call
a brahman.
Brahmanavagga: Brahmans Dhp XXVI

By deeds, vision and righteousness,
By virtue, the sublimest life
By these are mortals purified,
And not by lineage and wealth
Majjhima Nikaya

Neither in sky nor surrounding by sea,
nor by dwelling in a mountain cave,
nowhere is found that place in earth
where one’s from evil kamma free.
Shelter Against Death-Dhammapada 127

Evil is done by oneself
by oneself is one defiled.
Evil is left undone by oneself
by oneself is one cleansed.
Purity & impurity are one's own doing.
No one purifies another.
No other purifies one.
Dhammapada 165

Easy is life for the shameless one who is impudent as a crow,
is backbiting and forward, arrogant and corrupt.
Dhammapada 244

Even the evil
meet with good fortune
as long as their evil
has yet to mature.
But when it's matured
that's when they meet
with evil.

Even the good
meet with bad fortune
as long as their good
has yet to mature.
But when it's matured
that's when they meet
with good fortune.
Dhammapada 119-120

A gift of Dhamma conquers all gifts;
the taste of Dhamma, all tastes;
a delight in Dhamma, all delights;
the ending of craving, all suffering & stress.
Dhammapada 354

The Blessed One said:
Bhikkhus (monks), this human life span is short.
There is a new life to be gone to,
there are profitable deeds to be done,
there is the life of purity to be led.
There is no not dying for the borne.

The life of human kind is short;
A wise man holds it in contempt
And acts as one whose head is burning;
Death will never fail to come
Samyutta Nikaya

Action and the fruit of action:
Kamma-result proceeds from kamma,
Results has kamma for its source,
Future becoming springs from kamma,
And this is how the world goes round.
- The Path of Purification

Kamma-dvara (Means of Arising kamma)
1 Kaya-dvara
Special bodily movement called kayavinnatti where bodily action (kaya-kamma) occurs.
2 Vaci-dvara
Speech-producing movement of the mouth called vacivinnatti where verbal action (vacikamma) arises.
3 Mano-dvara
All cittas where mental action (mano-kamma) arises.

So hard to encounter,
a Buddha's dispensation,
so difficult to gain,
a human life,
a sheer coincident,
to a happy one,
a rare opportunity,
to take a chance,
there is no one to blame,
other then oneself,
for missing the dhamma,
hard to come by,
knowing the dhamma,
will cease the cycle,
wandering in samsara,
life after life.
-Martin Barua
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